1.     Composed totally of parts of mind/soul, without any material, tangible parts (rather an absolute basis, principle) (e.g. soul, mind, spirit, ghost, god).

2.     Composed of conceptual, not tangible parts of matter, and/or energy and/or mind, (volitional or not, conscious or unconscious), not existing as material(ized)/real ones exactly at the same time, place, or comprehension of the subject (concept, idea, fantasy, plan, hypothesis, assumption, supposition, scenario etc), of the past, the present and the future (time) in relation to the subject.

a.   where/when the subject was (or was not) affected or affected (did not affect) others, or

b.   where/when the subject will (or will not) be affected or will (or will not) affect others

3.  Created by the human brain and remaining within it, not materialized (concepts, ideas, fantasies). 

4.     Created by the human brain and materialized (to the letter or adapted):

a.   Either in/by the body and for it or other (think and write by ordering oneself, hands, etc towards it), or

b.   Outside the body and for it or other (plan and travel by ordering oneself, hands, legs, etc towards it)

and/or tell/order others to do something that someone/the subject planned/thought of.