Part of Form                                                                                            Aristolaos 2012, posted 2017

Essential (indispensable, necessary,) for the purpose (goal) of a perfect (complete-d, full, consummate) holotes

1. Part - Division/section: An integral (inherent, inbuilt) part (eg a nose, a ship bow, a triangle angle, bough/branch, etc)

2. Part - Holotes: A detachable part, like an independent organ/instrument (e.g. liver, spleen, heart, door, window, car engine, car wheel, etc) connected to the body (the most) of the holotes usually by a loose bond, or protruding/projecting.

3. Part - Hypo-holotes: A holotes having (playing) a specific role, mission (function, position, medium, cause) in a holotes (e.g. postman, police officer, musician, etc.)

4. Part of a symmetry: An essential part for the purpose (end, goal) of a holotes that can be detached by force (by pressure, coerced) (e.g. eye, hand, leg, kidney, spoke of a bicycle wheel, etc.)

5. Part of duality, trinity, etc: Already detached, remaining (living, existing) independently and being united in a holotes for a specific purpose (eg couple of people, a member of musical groups, etc.)

6. Part of a group of similar entities: Independent holotes being united (joined) as a part of a (bigger) holotes (e.g., alliance, traders union, EU etc.)

7. Part in distance: Existing in a distance (e.g. representative, commonwealth states, G8 state, etc.)